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About Us

Michael Kimmey & Associates is a local Chicagoland accounting firm with highly trained Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors® on staff in our Oak Brook and Orland Park offices. We can make it easy for your business to use QuickBooks™ to its full potential because we provide all the support services you need.

We start by recommending the appropriate version of QuickBooks that’s best suited to your business, and then we come to your office to install and setup the software to track your financial data properly from the start. Next, we’ll conduct customized training classes at your office to teach you all you need to know to operate QuickBooks. From that point on, we’ll act as your personal QuickBooks consultant. We’ll be available to answer questions, troubleshoot problems, and correct errors anytime throughout the year.

We offer a free initial consultation to small business owners so call us at 630-581-7007 to get started.

About Michael Kimmey

michael kimmeyMichael has lived most of his life in the world of entrepreneurship and small business. Starting as young boy then as a young adult, working weekends, summers and late nights in his father's small business, Michael witnessed firsthand the risks, struggles and challenges of starting, owning and operating a small business. He eventually became a partner with his father and was the key person who was instrumental in growing the business from its meager beginnings to a multi-million dollar operation. He personally navigated the company through the process of its eventual sale to a major competitor.

Knowing that a small to midsized business becomes the largest asset of a business owner’s net worth this often means the owner’s financial well-being and retirement is extremely dependent on the successful transfer or sale of their business. Michael Kimmey has assisted dozens of business owners with the start-up, purchase or sale of their business. He has purchased, developed and sold a number of businesses himself.

During the ownership of the family business, Michael experienced the demoralizing impact of taxation on the profits and personal finances as a business owner and the importance of a trusted financial advisor. While working with his clients, Michael makes a priority of providing strategic tax advice in order save his clients as much as he can in taxes.

Michael graduated from DePaul University, Chicago in 2000 with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce; Accounting and Finance. He became certified as a CFP in 2003. In 2007 he purchased his current accounting and tax firm which has a 40 year history of providing the tax, financial planning and accounting needs to a wide variety of industries and a growing client base. The firm’s objective is to give small and mid-size business owners the advice, attention and service they deserve. "We are committed to helping clients build their business and their personal wealth with customized advice and financial planning to help them achieve their life long goals."

Michael’s extensive education and experience in the small business world allows him to bring the unique understanding and knowledge of working from the business owner’s side of the desk. He relates very well to owners and he communicates with them in a language they can understand. Michael completely understands his role as a business owner’s most trusted advisor and is very comfortable in his position of being one of the most sought out business advisors in the area.

Michael lives in the Chicagoland area, with his wife, Mary and enjoys traveling and playing golf when he has the opportunity.